Supper Club at Temple Street Canteen

We were delighted to be invited to cook a 3 course meal at Temple Street Canteen, Keynsham in May - using foraged ingredients.

We picked the finest ingredients from the surrounding countryside. From this we made a foraged leaf salad with goats cheese, rosehip jelly, dandelion jelly and wild garlic oil. Followed by a dandelion and wild garlic quiche or slow cooked beef and dandelion root stew, served with nettle mash and hogweed shoots. Frozen wild damsons made their way into a warming cake served with Japanese Knotweed whipped cream.

Here are some pictures from the evening. We'll keep you posted on the next meal - but if you really don't want to miss out, you can sign up for our newsletter (sporadic, informative and always pretty) - Simon, how do you put a link to the Mailchimp newsletter? Thanks. C

Chris Westgate